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Note: Large announcements are below. If you want status updates and the like, then check our smuglo.li feed.

In addition to the continued translation material, I'm happy to announce that I now have a video channel on Bitchute. It'll be a place for me to share gaming and travel content with you.

Hello to everyone from AWA! This is my TRPG and Japanese to English gaming/anime translation site. The translations section is the largest part of the site but I also have some TRPG material as well, including an in-progress TRPG conversion of TYPE-MOON's work. The book's not finished yet (at last count it topped 320 pages) but I am still working on it over time. Thanks to everyone who posed for my photos. I had a lot of fun meeting people at AWA and hope to do it again next year.

The translations section continues to get more stuff. Right now we're very close to finishing the conversion of R'lyeh High School from Japanese to English. Other projects have also appeared there, so feel free to check a look.

The translations section has seen constant improvement - more material's being covered and it is added to on a constant basis. Still, this site is about TYPE-MOON, and was put together to promote a certain Nasuverse RPG. Time to get back to that and put up more Fate Zero characters. This time we focus on Irisviel Von Einzbern and Waver Velvet.

In addition to finally passing a higher level of the JLPT, I put together something very nice for the site:
A brand new section devoted to translations of various things - mostly TYPE-MOON related, although there are also sections for other roleplaying and niche areas. I'm happy with how this developed, so check it out.

For those of you coming over from the Nasian, this is my website, which I use to feature my translation and writing projects. I translate light novels, anime, TRPGs, and videogames from Japanese to English. I have enjoyed Yong Yea's work for a long time and I want to help bring Metal Gear Solid info over to fellow fans, and so it is my great pleasure to participate in the translation of Konami's part of the Tokyo Game Show this year. Some of my current projects include the work-in-progress TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm and R'lyeh High School, the sequel to R'lyeh Antique, which I finished translating some time ago.

Long time between updates, eh? Well, here's what's new. The R'lyeh Antique translation now stands in now totally done. All 255 pages. The TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm. is at 184/255 pages done. And I've started on the sequel to R'lyeh Antique, R'lyeh High School. The good news is that the most recent interview from the 10th Anniversary phantasm is going to be part of the final chapter of my RPG book. I'll continue working on the book and provide high-quality translations for Type-Moon and the gaming crowd. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.

The R'lyeh Antique translation now stands in at 194/255 pages done. I have some more stuff for the roleplaying game I've been working on with a fantasy name generation table that could also be used for especially unusual NPCs. Work on the Anniversary Phantasm translation and the Nasuverse RPG still continues.

Here's a new territory for the Nasuverse RPG: Ahnenerbe cafe. The type-moon wiki entry was used to make this and so was AATM.

The book's finally getting an update! I'm doing small updates as seperate PDFs that I'll combine with the final book once it's ready. Here's our first part of the Fate/Zero update: Emiya Kiritsugu.

Interviews with Nakata Jouji, Yuzuri Ryouka, Takano Naoko, Kawasumi Ayako, Ueda Kana, Shitaya Noriko, Suzumura Kenichi, Sakamoto Maaya, Takeuchi Takashi, Nasu Kinoko, Koyama Rikiya, and Ohara Sayaka have all been translated as part of my continuing work on the TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm. Although it's for Call of Cthulhu and not the Nasuverse RPG, I am proud with how my translation of R'lyeh Antique is coming along. And my update for the main Nasuverse book, which has to do with Fate Zero, is starting to take shape as well.

It never fails. When you step outside the office for 1D6 days, all heck breaks loose. This time around a script kiddie pwned my blog and caused the entire site to be shut down. So guess what? As of now, anything interactive (the blog, the forums, etc.) is going offline until further notice. This is why we can't have nice things. I'll put up a link to some of my audio podcasts later on. Let's talk about some other stuff. Until I'm done with the JLPT on Dec. 1st, the main book isn't getting updated, which stinks, but I'll be giving you updates of some things. R'lyeh Antique's English translation is still being updated, and I'm also translating the TYPE-MOON 10 Anniversary Phantasm compilation book, which is so big it does 1D6 x STR in Bashing damage if you hit someone with it.

Today is stronger than the other days. I've finished translating the first scenario from R'lyeh Antique, which amounts to 101 out of the 255 pages in the book. I am glad I could use my Japanese skills to give something back to the gaming community. Please give it a read. I also did this because I needed to take a break from the main book, which I will be continuing work on when I can.

R'lyeh Antique is live. Typically I add 1D2 pages to it a day, as it's good kanji practice and is fun to read. If you play or run Call of Cthulhu, or like games set in Japan, this should make you a happy camper. Check it out.

How about some news that has to do with the future of the site? Good news: it's not going anywhere. One thing that irked me was not having a simple way to download all the files you really needed to run this thing. I've remedied that now.
In other news, I'm currently building more charts and tables for the errata section and am waiting on some books to arrive from Japan to help me with that. I want to wait until I'm done with the JLPT next month before I finish that section. I'm sorry it's taken this long. I want to be done with the test so that I can get on with my life. And speaking of Japanese and roleplaying games, pretty soon my translation of the R'lyeh Antique book will begin - which will be fun if you like blending Call of Cthulhu and anime together.

The errata and miscellaneous file was updated. This time I included rules for working through pain penalties to skill rolls and added more rules for the Computers skills to clarify things. I'm still working on the game.

The errata and miscellaneous file was updated. This year has been slow going for the RPG.

The Fate/Zero stuff is coming along. Here's a little preview of some of my rough notes I'm using to plot out the characters. The grimoire section is also getting more material.

I've gotten a few questions about it, so I think I should answer them here. Right now I don't have a plan to add any info about Fate Extra or its upcoming sequel. Fate Apocrypha, on the other hand, is something I'd like to tackle. As for why things got quiet, I had to move back from Japan, take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and move into a new apartment - all of which took some time and tuckered me out. I recently got a much better keyboard and mouse that are easier and more comfortable to use, and I will be using them to write the next update. My plan is to deliver the following: Fate Zero stats, Chapter Twelve, and incorporating all of the updates/errata from falls.txt. In the meantime, so that we have a little less silence before the next big update I'll list some writeups for the Fate Zero guys in another .txt file. Once I have the new computer I'll add their pages to the pdf.

Asakawa Yuu-san's panel back in September was a lot of fun.

Life in Tokyo is fantastic. I'll see if I can ask Asakawa Yuu (Rider's VA) some questions this weekend. If I can, I'll post her answers here.

I'm moving back to Japan at the end of the month. So that there's at least one update this month, I give you the Youtube comment generator. If your pcs upload videos to the net, you can roll a couple of times on these tables and see what kind of comments they receive.

I added several new tables to that text file full of errata and extra material. This time I added random tables for tabloid newspaper headlines as well as a list of titles that might appear in an Occult Library.

I have a blast from the 1990s past for you in the miscellaneous section: an old dice-rolling program. More updates to the miscellaneous section are in the works.

So what have I been up to? Did I forget about the website? I've been teaching about 200 students, translating for practice with the JLPT, and thinking about what I want to do for the Fate Zero update to the book. New stuff was added to the Elmer Studios section of the site and I helped set up 8bit versions for all of the blu-ray episodes of Fate Zero released thus far. Speaking of Fate Zero, the anime is turning out to have some important differences from the book - especially in terms of Kiritsugu's past. Rin was also able to save Kotone in the anime whereas in the book she never found her (and it's implied that Gilles/Caster did whatever he does). With that in mind, I'm holding off on my update to the book until the Fate/Zero anime is over. We don't have that many episodes left. I'll keep working on other things and won't leave you guys hanging forever.

One of my other projects that I'm working on (something that I'm assisting, not doing all myself) is now live. Elmer Studios is back with new content. I'm so happy, I just want to dance.

Someone let me know that multiupload went down, which is a shame. So I reuploaded the book to a different host. When the book is finally done, I'll have it on the site as a direct download.

I added a lot of new material to the grimoire but I'm not yet satisfied with the update to the main book itself. So that looks like it's going to be fashionably late.

I mentioned Shana in the last missive. I found a very useful blog where someone is serving up 8bit recodes of Shakugan no Shana Final. You can have a gander here at 8Bit Anime FTW.

I'm not dead! I've been working on a side project (translating Shakugan no Shana 0 from Japanese into English). You can track my progress at Baka-Tsuki if you like.
Now in terms of updates to the RPG, I am happy to tell you to expect a fairly big update to the PDF soon. In the meantime,

Happy New Year!

Site's paid for and I did a bit of maintenance on the rpg page. This project is going into haitus until I finish taking the JLPT in the beginning of December. After that the Fate/Zero update and incorporation of falls.txt into the book will occur.

Still more stuff added to the text file. This time I added a new Perk, a list of music appropriate for the game, and notes on fleshing out the city or place where your game takes place. I'm working on the Fate Zero cast now.

Rules for making demon and Dead Apostle lairs were added to the text file. And after devouring that appetizer, enjoy the main course: Hellstorm Evangelion III.


Still more stuff added to the text file. I want to adapt Fate Zero when the anime is out. That includes the new spells as well as NPC stats. After that comes the concluding chapter, and at that time I will be totally done with this project.

Additional rule corrections and additions to the text file for the game. This time there are lots of notes on how to be a Storyteller and rules for things what go boom.

Yet more rule corrections and additions to the text file for the game. Work on Hellstorm Evangelion III begins soon.

I have another update to one of the text file errata sections that should clarify more things. What's to come next? I'm going to release a sample adventure I ran for a gaming group in 2011. I am waiting to run the final session before I upload it here. After that I'll add the statistics for the characters from Fate Zero and will then write the Glossary, which will be the last Chapter. I'm really happy to see the book grow as big as it has. Apparently other people like the game too.

I just completed statting all of the Kara no Kyoukai crew. Check out the main book in the rpg section to see the new stuff. This is the first update to the main book itself (instead of side projects) in a while, and it feels pretty good.

I played quite a bit of Melty Blood online with a friend last night and mapped over some new buttons on the Classic Controller for playing the game. The new and improved Melty Blood PIE script is in the rar file. PROTIP: For online play you'll need to set the input device on mbcaster to 255 to use the wiimote via GlovePIE because it's emulating a keyboard. Improvements include using the L button and <- and -> for throws and the the R button on the controller for A+B+C (Heat Activation and Circuit Spark). A simple move list for the characters is available here, and a far more complete move list is here. Shoryuken's wiki for the game gets into the nitty and gritty with lots of tactics and strategies you can utilize. If you are having difficulty visualizing the instructions in text faqs for the games, this number pad image will prove useful. I also have the last edition of mbcaster here if you want to play the game online with other people, and it works well over a Hamachi VPN. Have fun. Let's Get Melty!

Here is a table for randomly generating "Nasu" style names for characters. This can be used in conjunction with the Euro/American and Japanese name tables for making even more names.

I finally got my computer back. The name generation tables recieved some attention and revision. I also have some scripts for GlovePIE that I think you all will find interesting. If you get bluetooth usb dongle and GlovePIE, you can use the Wiimote and its accessories with your computer. In the scripts for GlovePIE I've linked to here, I've included my own scripts for playing Melty Blood, Koumajou Densetsu (Touhouvania),
and Rozenkreuz Stilette. I also included other scripts I've found online in the rar.

My computer is still in the shop, but I can make some updates to the book anyway. Here is a random bar or nightclub generation system. I plan to recycle part of that into a Maid cafe generation system that will repurpose some of the tables from the Maid RPG. In other news of the D66 variety, here are tables for randomly generating names for your Japanese and European/American characters.

Here's Type-Moon's April Fool's for 2011 translated into English. Note: I did not do this translation.

I have some nice supplements for use with the game available in the RPG section.

I've prepared and am releasing improved subtitles for the QTS blu-ray release of Kara no Kyoukai. Here are the subs in .srt format.
Direct Download: Multiupload, and the local copy.
Torrent: torrent file
Changes include names in proper Japanese order, intact honorifics, people speaking in ways that actual humans speak, etc. I hope you enjoy the improved experience.

The list of corrections and notes expanded and the grimoire got more stuff as well.

Happy New Year! The Rpg section just got two new NPCs. I also took care of some more housekeeping with the list of corrections to be listed at the conclusion to the book. More to come this week.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! And speaking of things to be happy for, I'm glad to present a translated version of Fate Complete Material.

[Blows dust off site]. Howdy. I just renewed this domain. Tonight I'll be adding rules for awakening people's Origin, which features both in Fate Stay Night and Kara no Kyoukai. As for what I've been up to, I'm taking classes and doing paid/unpaid teaching. I'm being paid part-time but am working full time. I'm also studying in order to clear JLPT 2 next year. And speaking of next year, I plan to make the recording for the Hellstorm Evangelion interquel at that time to celebrate the upcoming 13th Anniversary of HE.

I added a lot of new rules to the Grimoire in the Nasuverse RPG section. This will be useful for players or Storytellers that want to make their own spells. I've been reading Fate Zero and want to add those spells later on ...

Since being laid off from work I've been very depressed. I have to move back to the States next month, and updates will resume once that's settled. I'm sorry for the long span of time between updates. Game plan is to wrap up the remaining KnoK guys and girls next. I also just found out about Fate Strange Fake today, which I should include in the book. I like the idea of the Black Plague as Rider.



Lancer, Kokutou Mikiya, and Kokutou Azaka are now in the book.

I just completed another Bad Fanfic Book on Tape. This one serves as the second volume in the Hellstorm Evangelion Trilogy. Give it a listen.

First comes the tsun where I starve you of updates for a month, then comes the dere when I unleash a big update afterward. But it's not because I like you or anything! Geez! You're so full of yourself! I visited the real-life version of the Tohsaka Mansion in person. Have a look.

I have added some more material to the cheatsheet, but I'm not yet ready to release the stats for Lancer and some of the Kara no Kyoukai folks. Shouldn't be much longer, though.

Berserker, Gilgamesh, and Black Saber are now in the book. I have now completed the cast of the fifth Heavens Feel, which means that I have everyone from Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night in the book. Next year I'll add the casts of Fate Zero and Kara no Kyoukai to the book. Right now, I feel a true feeling of accomplishment - that I've come so far in doing something I always wanted to do.

Hey guys! The first trial run of the Nasuverse RPG turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone. I've been working on some new rules, new Demeanors/Natures, correcting typos, and other things that will improve your enjoyment of the book. Have a look here. I've also updated the cheatsheet for the game to clarify questions about Bullseyes, Botches, and Success Levels. The cheatsheet should be quite handy for actually running the game. There's also a handy chart for fumbles which is easy to use during play. I'll try to stat Gil tonight if I have time.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a look at some upcoming rules for the book that will pop up in a future release. This coming weekend I'll be running the first game of it, and my players will find this cheatsheet handy for the main event.

Caster (Medea) is now in the book. Only two of the Heavens Feel 5 cast are left (which of course means I'll need to go on to stat the guys from Fate Zero and Kara no Kyoukai, but still ...

The Fake Assassin slashes his way into the book.

You'll go GAR for this new update to the book.

Yes, we're still alive. This file explains a lot of questions one reader had about the game. Perhaps you'll find it interesting.

I am glad to finally be moved in to my place, and I'm somewhat settled in. I've started on the stats for the main cast of Fate Stay Night now, and I have two of them ready to show here. More to come this weekend (I hope).

The cast of magi for the Fifth Heavens Feel is now complete. You can get the updated pdf here. Next in line are the Servants for HF 5.

A friend hacked maptool to let me run the Nasuverse RPG over it. You can get the app here. (you'll need to have the JRE already installed) to run the app.

There's a new character sheet for the game which looks better and is easier to read. In a bit the update I have for the main book should be ready.

Blood just got Melty with this update of the Fate Nasuverse RPG, which now includes the cast of Melty Blood. Enjoy the Night (of Wallachia). Next month you'll see the cast of Fate Stay Night (and perhaps Kara no Kyoukai and Fate Zero if I have enough time!)

This also marks the day that the Fate main book reached 200 pages.

The Eleventh Chapter of the Fate RPG just got a big start with about twenty-one pages of new content, detailing all of the PCs and NPCs from Tsukihime (except Aoko Aozaki, who'll be up soon). I'll continue to cover the rest of the folks of the Nasuverse.

The Tenth Chapter of the Fate RPG is now up and online. With that, you have everything you need to generate Servant and other character types. The game is pretty much complete; the only things left to provide are a complete list of all the characters from the games, and the glossary of terms at the back. I think I'll keep the grimoire as its own section. After the game is complete I'll be working on a supplement, which is full of NPCs from the various factions. While I've done everything in my power to keep the main book as faithful to the canon as possible, this next book should provide plenty of wiggle-room for people who want to submit characters for the world. One of my friends is going to supply a fictional anti-hero, Vlad the Impaler, who will be a Lancer.
We also have a new episode of our podcast, if you want to give that a listen.

Get your groove on with this mirror of Elmer Studios. I should have the Fate panel up soon.

The Fate RPG just got a large list of the eight SEVEN Servant Classes. Currently hashing out all their Noble Phantasms. Oh boy!

So the Fate RPG got some new critters in Chapter 10, and I hope to have a lot more in there before the week is out. Trying to get all my ducks in a row for this job in Japan has been a spot of trouble ...


The Grimoire is still in progress, but has enough stuff in it for me to show you what has been done. It'll be added to the book when the time is right.

Chapter Ten has enough progress done for me to show you the money results, and the pdf has been updated.

Chapter Nine is now finished and the pdf has been updated. Only three remain left before the work is complete ...

Chapter Eight is now finished and the pdf has been updated. I am now going to work on Chapter Nine.

Chapter Eight is coming along ... and here is Sakura Matou.

My computer is in the shop. Once it comes back, I'll be able to put out Chapter Eight. I'm sorry it has taken so long. And because I will be out of town this week, there will be no new episode of Unlimited Podcast Works this Sunday. But now for some good news: here is the latest version of Rozen Diadem. You'll probably want to use AppLocale to run it.
WARNING - To progress you must first win the Alice Game!

Heavens Feel Press just released its next podcast, which you can listen to and download here.

Currently working on Chapter Eight of the Fate PDF. Here is the latest version of Rozen Diadem, which now includes the 3rd stage and a battle against Suiseiseki (desu). You'll probably want to use AppLocale to run it.
WARNING - To progress you must first win the Alice Game!

I just finished the Heavens Feel route in Fate Stay Night, and my notes are complete. I will wrap up Chapter Eight this weekend (it was and is the hardest one to write, but I believe that I can do a good treatment of it now.) I kind of want to play Hollow Ataraxia now ...

The first episode of our podcast, Unlimited Podcast Works, is now available: podcast blog. I also have a voicemail submission set up there, so feel free to add your own comments. If you do, we'll add you to the show's "letters from the audience" area.
Also, next week I should be able to wrap up the player character sheets for most of the remaining Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night characters and the introductory lecture for Tsukihime.

I have a pdf preview of some of the Fate Stay Night NPCs available in the Nasuverse RPG section. Also, I set us up the bomb up the podcast blog. It has a proper RSS feed and everything. Later on I'll set up the link at the apple ipod store.

I have a pdf preview of some of the Tsukihime NPCs available in the Nasuverse RPG section. Also, I came across
this Rozen Maiden Tohou Project-like game. That's right, dolljoints and danmaku (curtain fire or bullet hell) have come together in this doujin game. You'll probably want to use AppLocale to run it.
WARNING - To progress you must first win the Alice Game!

Forums are up and running. I should have Chapter Eight of the Nasuverse RPG done by the end of the week (crosses fingers). Also, expect to see a Tsukihime lecture written and animated in renpy in the Nasuverse section before too long. Later on down the line I might try to make a proper plugin for running the Daniverse (Clone Manga).

11.09.2008 - Site Launch
And we're up. I updated the Fate RPG book and added a lot of material for the RPG section in games (the Angel/Buffy RPG and my Daniverse plug-in).

Exploring this website means you may find things that would not be considered work safe. It's not my intention to offend your sensibilities but this is a site devoted to building and hosting a tabletop roleplaying system for two Japanese Eroge. As a result the topics of discussion and illustrations will at times be dicey. Proceed at your own risk.


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